Folk Custom Tourism Festival The Tai Ge performance full of strong local folk customs and traditions is not only a miracle of folk art in South China, but also a unique folk art treasure of DongshanTown. This art form originated from the prosperous times... [ Details]
Taihu Lake Fishing Festival As China's largest inland fishing port, fishing villages along the Taihu LakeinSuzhou has still retained about a thousand authentic ancient fishing boats, living customs of fisherman and fishing culture. When it comes to the f... [ Details]
Biluochun Tea Cultural Festival The aroma of Biluochun Tea embodies the profound Chinese tea culture. Making a pot of Biluochun is like opening a roll of history. Biluochun tea is one of Chinese top ten well-known teas, produced in Jinting and Dongshan of D... [ Details]
Strawberry The bright red strawberry smells aromatic and tastes juicy, sweet and sour. And it has rich nutrition. In early spring, when it gradually turns warm, you can come to "Strawberry Paradise" near the Taihu Lake to have a nice "da... [ Details]
Ginkgo Ginkgo fruit is commonly known as white fruit, which consists of fleshy testa, bone mesosperm, membranous endotesta and kernel. Ginkgo keeps people healthy and prolongs their lives, and ginkgo was regarded as a royal tribute i... [ Details]
Chinese Chestnut Chinese chestnut from Xishan has a high nutritional value, and is a kind of indispensable food to the people of Suzhouat the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is characterized by big fruit, fine and sticky pulp that is storable. Raw... [ Details]
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