Cangshu Mutton

Cangshu mutton is made by boiling goat meat as the raw material. When boiling, a sheep body is cut into 4 ~ 6 blocks; then put them in water; use a high fire to boil the water; remove floating foam, put them in clear water to wash (called “exiting water”); then cleansing sediment at the bottom (called “cutting bottom”), then put the meat blocks in the original soup in the boiler; add salt and water; use a high fire to boil for over three hours; when the meat is overcooked and the soup is thick, the meat can be taken out to remove bones; and then put the meat in a square or round basin. Mutton made through this folk method is delicate and tasty with mutton soup delicious and hot, fragrance spreading. The mutton can replenish qi and nourishing yin, warm heat and reinforce insufficiency, stimulate the appetite and strengthen the body, remove dampness and avoid coldness, so it is not strange that it is called a warm and hot tonic for replenishing yang and benefiting qi in the Compendium of Materia Medica.

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