Taihu Lake Boat Dishes

Taihu Lake boat dishes in Guangfu, Suzhou were the first to thrive in China. The boat is as huge as a four or five storied building. When eating in the boat, you can enjoy a beautiful view as the boat floats on the lake and taste flavored “boat dishes”, the delight from which is hard to get from restaurants in the city.

Taihu Lake boat dishes are so popular because they have their unique advantage, i.e. they are fresh. Fishes, shrimps and other aquatic products for common restaurants have left water for some time when they arrive, and then are put into a fish pond, while fishes and shrimps for Taihu Lake boat restaurants are immediately sold to the restaurants after caught by fishers, and then the restaurants use tuck nets to put them in the Taihu Lake. Therefore, eating fresh fishes and shrimps is absolutely a great attraction of boat restaurants. The earliest operators of Taihu boat dishes were not famous chefs, but complete fishers of Guangfu Town, who follow the traditional cooking art of local fishers from hundreds of years ago. They mostly use methods of killing alive, stir-frying alive, steaming and boiling in clear water etc to keep authentic sauce and taste of dishes, which are fresh and delicious, bringing an opportunity for visiting tourists to feast on delicacies.

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