Suzhou Diaohualou Hotel

Located in the historical and cultural town — Dongshan Town by the Taihu Lake in the southwest of Suzhou, Suzhou Diaohualou Hotel is situated in the same park as the most

famous attraction in Taihu Lake tourist sites — Jiangnan’s first building, “Carving Pattern Building (Diaohualou)”. Chinese state leaders like Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Wen

Jiabao and important foreign leaders like Lee Kuan Yew all have ever visited here for dinner. It offers catering, accommodation and tea house with a close combination of elegant

silence and historic culture. The hotel, originally named Dongshan Hotel and then changed into its present name in 1992, was built in the early 1980s and has been a major hotel

of the government responsible for receiving foreign visitors. It was the only then star-level hotel in Dongshan Town. In the hotel, each room is equipped with 32-inch LCD

digital TV, broadband internet access, and central air conditioning. It commands the view of “Jiangnan’s first building” and provides a flavor of Jiangnan’s elegant and

quiet garden-style architecture. It will be your first choice for leisure, travel or business.
Tel: 0512-66281001
Add: 58 Zijin Road, Wuzhong District, near Dongshan Central Primary School
Two star

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