Suzhou Xiangshan International Hotel

Located by the Taihu Lake close to Dongshan and Xishan Scenic Spots, Suzhou Xiangshan International Hotel is a resort and conference hotel with a combination of travel, leisure

and business meeting. The hotel has a total of over 300 rooms in forms of comfortable and elegant deluxe rooms, executive suites, spa rooms and president suites. Each room is

well-decorated, comfortable, and equipped with first-rate facilities and spacious private balcony. The hotel also has a large indoor column-free ballroom offering a variety of

services, full-fledged entertainment facilities and outdoor hot springs.
Here, you can find the refined and elegant Lihu Chinese Cuisine Restaurant and the West Cuisine Restaurant which is adjacent to the lake with arch lobbies providing elegant red

wine bar and cigarette bar. The beautiful views and tasty delicacies would be a feast to both your eyes and mouth.
Tel: 68796666
Add: 1 Yanbo Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou (near Huanhu Avenue)

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