Suzhou Wangshan Greendoor Resort

Located in the core area of Wangshan which is a national 4A scenic area and the most beautiful village of Suzhou, Suzhou Wangshan Greeen Resort is surrounded by waters and trees

and has got the reputation of “Green Eco Kingdom”. It is also a high-ranking leisure club where you can have an experience of “farming culture”.
A dozen of beautifully decorated wooden villas of various styles are tucked away among lush trees and tall bamboos, where you can both integrate into the farming life to enjoy

fishing, picking fruits and just be with your family and friends visiting the pet club, or having open-air barbecues. In the resort, among others, the modern living facilities

like specialty restaurants are readily available. It is really an ideal membership exclusive leisure resort in Suzhou outskirts.
Tel: 0512-66301686
Add: Yuexi Wangshan Scenic Spot, Wuzhong District, Suzhou

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