Taihu Lake Boat Dishes Taihu Lake boat dishes in Guangfu, Suzhou were the first to thrive in China. The boat is as huge as a four or five storied building. When eating in the boat, you can enjoy a beautiful view as the boat floats on the lake and ta... [ Details]
Cangshu Mutton Cangshu mutton is made by boiling goat meat as the raw material. When boiling, a sheep body is cut into 4 ~ 6 blocks; then put them in water; use a high fire to boil the water; remove floating foam, put them in clear water to... [ Details]
Dongshan Boiled Mutton Boiled mutton, also named simmered mutton, is produced in the region of Jingshan Hejiawan with a history of over 200 years. It is made from the meat of local sheep. The boiling process is unique: after being killed, the sheep... [ Details]
Taihu Lake Crab The Taihu Lake crab, also called crab, grows in the waters of the Taihu Lake. It is blue black with tiger color at back and blue white at belly. There is a navel in the belly, which is cuspate for male and round for female, wi... [ Details]
Taihu Lake White Shrimp “The Taihu Lake white shrimp tops the world and remains white after being cooked”. The white shrimp has a thin shell, delicate meat and fresh taste, which make it a favorite aquatic product for common people. “Drunk shrimps” c... [ Details]
Taihu Lake Whitefish The Taihu Lake whitefish is also called chub, because its head and tail are upwards. Its body is narrow, long and flat. It has thin bones and scales and beams with silver light. It is a kind of commercially predatory fish. At... [ Details]
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