An Experience Trip to the Most Beautiful Village with Rich Eco Culture – Wangshan Tour highlights: With fresh air, lush trees and profound atmosphere of history and culture, Wangshan is known as “the most beautiful village in Suzhou”. Tucked in the natural woods, it is an idyllic dreamland with well-preserv... [ Details]
A Trip to Follow the Southward Footsteps of the Emperors You can visit the National AAA-level scenic spot - “Guang Fu”. In Situ Temple firmly stand four amazing cedar trees - “Qing Qi Gu Guai”. Their sprawling branches and unique shapes have won a great deal of tourists’ attention... [ Details]
An Experience Trip to the Ancient Place of the Art of War   Tour highlights: Shangzhen Monastery and Ningbang Temple are places where you can pray wishes. In “Sunwu Park”, you can have a look at “Sunwu Cottage” and savor the essence of the 13 Articles of Sun Tzu′s The Art of War... [ Details]
A Trip to Landscape Bridge Islet of the Taihu Lake Here, you can have a glimpse of the enchanting beauty of the longest bridge over the Chinese inland lake - Taihu Lake Grand Bridge, and the charming of “The Ninth Cave in the World” - Wood House Cave. If you have any chance t... [ Details]
A Trip to Explore the Culture of Jiangnan Ancient Villages Tour highlights: You can visit “Dongshan Qi Garden”, admire the three treasures in it and stroll down the halls and pavilions, having a good taste of essence of the ancient private garden by the Taihu Lake. With the long and... [ Details]

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