Zhoushan Stone Carving Olive nut is the useless thing for discarding while stone carving miraculously transforms it into a handicraft. Suzhouis the birthplace of stone carving. Zhoushan stone carving takes olive nut as the main body and etches on i... [ Details]
Guangfu Jade Carving The Guangfu Jade Carving has a long history with its superb craftsmanship. Even up to now, it still enjoys the fame and influence in national scope that any other brand can never surpass. As the biggest production base of Suz... [ Details]
Suzhou Embroidery The Suzhou Embroidery originated from Wu County in Suzhouand now this art has spread over a vast of area. It reached its heyday in Qing dynasty when a variety of schools and talents came to the rise. It is widely popular in t... [ Details]
Xiangshan Calligraphy and Painting Xiangshan calligraphy and painting has a long history since Yang Hui of the Tang Dynasty who had passed it onto later generations. With the influence of two Chinese traditional crafts - embroidery and ancient buildings, the p... [ Details]
Biluochun Tea As one of the top ten Chinese teas, Biluochun tea is mainly produced in Xishan. The tea was originally named “Xia Sha Ren Xiang” - frighten people with its aroma. It is Emperor Kangxi who gave it the well-known name - Biluoch... [ Details]

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